Benjamin P. Gorichanaz-Rivas is a young and emerging artist living in Brookfield, Wisconsin. He is 25 years old and is on hiatus from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts where he pursues a “Cross Disciplinary Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting & Drawing With Sculpture (Emphasis on Painting and Drawing).”

WEBSITE – HTTP://BEN.GORICHANAZ.COM/ is the official website of artist Benjamin P. Gorichanaz-Rivas.  It is intended to be a secure platform to archive, organize and expand upon ideas, concepts and IP’s. uses a custom version of a state-of-the-art responsive WordPress theme to deliver high-quality creative content.  All original images, texts, videos, files, conceptual properties, and other content on and/or originating from is the property of Benjamin P. Gorichanaz-Rivas and is protected under US Copyright Law (unless noted otherwise).  If you reference B.G material please cite and link appropriately.  


BG is the official Facebook artist Page for Benjamin P. Gorichanaz-Rivas.  It feautures new website content, announcements, tagged photos, exclusive uploads, updates, special events, etc.


@bgoric is the official Twitter handle of Benjamin P. Gorichanaz-Rivas.  The @bgoric account is for re-tweets, announcements, feedback and general communication.  


@BGWISCOKID is the official Instagram account for Benjamin P. Gorichanaz-Rivas.  BG uses Instagram to share little blurbs of stylized content including but not limited to: in-progress studio shots, cute dogs, gallery visits, food, poetry, nature, etc.


# is the official Tumblr account for Benjamin P. Gorichanaz-Rivas.  It is intended to be a casual slosh of interesting in-progress content such as:  Photos during stages in development, some rough poetry, a short story, under-drawings, collages, etc.  


Blorguehad is the official YouTube account of Benjamin P. Gorichanaz.  YouTube hosts all of B.G’s original video content.  B.G’s original video content includes: completed works, outtakes, animations, experimental shorts, podcasts, game footage, etc.