I am an artist, designer, tinkerer, and beer lover.


  • I am so sick of word press.  I am going to create my own simple blog.

    I am so sick of word press. I am going to create my own simple blog.

    Going back to regular old php and html.  Read More »
  • Micro-Compositions


    In my artistic explorations and experimentation I have found a unifying factor in my personal aesthetic taste across many artworks. I have always been interested in the construction of an image – how the marks interact with each other to create the image as a whole. I endeavored to isolate …  Read More »
  • Academic Charcoal Stills

    Academic Charcoal Stills

    One of the first skills I began to develop in school was how to construct a still life to draw from.  I find inspiration from the things around my house.  Developing my observational skills, mark-making and spacial arrangement are important facets of my art. Benjamin P. Gorichanaz-Rivas Death of a …  Read More »
  • Favela


    For one of my first explorations into abstract collage I found a picture of a Brazilian slum.  The first thing I had to do was figure out why this National Geographic photograph stuck out to me.  I realized it was not content of the houses on a hill but in …  Read More »
  • A Series of [Abstract] Collages

    A Series of [Abstract] Collages

    Ever since I’ve learned the value of collage for idea generation I’ve been experimenting heavily.  Each time I sit down to create a body of collages I do so with a set system.  Sometimes it is in the way the color shapes are procured or cut, sometimes it is just …  Read More »
  • ARJ Sessions

    ARJ Sessions

    At various times between 2013 and 2015 I’ve conducted artistic studies of a talented blues musician friend of mine.  Over the years we’ve simultaneously developed our respective skills, my mark-making and his finger-picking.  He’s been a positive influence and a driving force behind my art since we were teenagers.  It …  Read More »
  • Ancestrial Studies

    Ancestrial Studies

    As part of my studies and skill development I draw from a lot of different sources.  One of the most important sources is my family.  Through representing my heritage I not only increase my self-understanding but also honor the memories of those who’ve made me who I am today.  I …  Read More »
  • American on 3rd

    American on 3rd

    This is an acrylic study I made of the view my hotel room.  This began an interest in genre paintings.  While I was at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Milwaukee I had a room facing out toward 3rd Street.  Right across the street from me was the Journal Sentinel campus.  …  Read More »
  • Selfie Academia

    Selfie Academia

    The practice of drafting self portraits is a time honored tradition.  It is good for honing technical skills as well as a meditative process of self-reflection.  I continue to create self-portraits throughout my career.  Through using the self for content I am able to experiment with different media for different …  Read More »
  • Oil Paint Selfie #2

    Oil Paint Selfie #2

    One of my favorite paintings thus far (from a Painting course), is a self portrait.  The challenge was to use a local color palette and sit in front of a mirror.  It took me three trials and a week of work on the final to arrive at a place that …  Read More »